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We are a people company. At the core of our business is the attraction, selection and career management of talented individuals across the healthcare industry.

The objective of our approach to recruitment and selection is to thoroughly evaluate the quality and acceptability of potential employees prior to making offers of employment. This involves satisfying both our clients and WorkPac Health and Social Care’s requirements in respect to qualifications, experience, past employment history, as well as obtaining satisfactory references on safety performance, work performance and work ethic from candidates’ direct supervisors.

Not content to simply find and place people, we also believe in healthy workplaces and offer a suite of medical services to screen individuals for risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a job safely and effectively.

In conjunction with our clients we have also developed industry leading managed services options that measure, control and reduce overall costs associated with contingent staffing.

We have built an operating structure that provides specialist expertise. A fundamental value component of our business is our internal professional experts, individually focused on dedicated responsibilities of professional development and wellbeing, safety management and customer relations.


WorkPac Health and Social Care connects registered nurses & healthcare professionals with facilities throughout Australia and NZ.



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