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Q Are all health facilities the same to work at?

A. You may have worked in other states or even be coming from overseas. As each facility, let alone state and country, differs slightly in their procedures we adhere to a set of minimum mandatory requirements, some are contractual, some are legal, but all are important.

These include but not limited to;

  • Orientation procedures prior to commencing shifts

  • Appearance, WorkPac Health and Social Care will provide you with a logo embroidered shirt for all shifts

  • Some facilities may require PPE (personal protection equipment) others may not

  • Shift length and commencement over weekends may vary as will the structure of pay within shifts at each facility

  • Timesheets may be directed to WorkPac or the client for signing

  • Allocation of ward may change once you commence your shift as an agency nurse

We aim to ensure you stay safe and enjoy your work whilst on shift.

  • Stay in touch - keep us informed of any changes and get to know the key ward staff and you will find yourself being requested time and time again.

Getting through the process efficiently

At WorkPac Health and Social Care we apply the simple philosophy of safety brings success. We do not seek to put you and/or others at risk. Nor do we wish to place you into an environment where you are put at risk.

We know you take your profession seriously, so do we.