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​Role Overview - Surgical/Medical Nurse Jobs

A surgical nurse provides pre-op and post-op care, assists doctors throughout a surgery, perform set-up of instrumentation, help with surgical procedures, and is responsible for a patient care before, during and after an operation.

Surgical/Medical nurses are registered nurses who provide care for patients during the times surrounding a surgical procedure or operation. The most common tasks within surgery are;

  • Working directly with a surgeon during an operation, readying and handing instruments to surgeons and helping to monitor the patient's condition

  • Working inside the sterile field of the operating room, which means they must wear sterile surgical scrubs and must wash their hands and arms with special disinfectants

  • Observing, managing an operation holistically to foster a positive experience for the patient prior to and during the operation

  • Bringing the patient to the operating area. These nurses are responsible for monitoring the patient's condition during an operation to ensure the best possible results

  • Aids doctors during surgery. Task commonly include regulating bleeding, cutting and handling human tissues, suturing wounds and using medical instruments on patients for various tasks

Responsibilities and Skills

  • Patients with acute to chronic diseases needing management

  • Patients with diverse admitting diagnosis and not limited to a single body system.

  • Patients with complex and multiple comorbidities

  • Patients and their families

  • Surgical/Medical nurses must be able coordinate, organise, and prioritise complex multiple client assignment

  • Competent and knowledgeable in guiding patients and their families from the challenges that come along with the complex health care system

  • Surgical/Medical nurses must integrate discharge planning into the patient’s daily care

  • Must be able to collaborate with other members of the health care team

  • Ability to learn the use of technology, including new medical innovations

  • Capability to integrate research in relation to a diverse care needs

  • Integrate the best practice guidelines in relation to diverse clinical situations

  • Advocate for ethical, quality, and safe work setting

Generally, the Surgical Medical nurse is the most highly trained member of the nursing staff inside an operating theatre. 

Required Qualifications

  • AHPRA registration 

  • Minimum of 2 years acute nursing experience 

  • Strong patient care focus 

  • Ability to achieve high quality clinical outcomes

  • Ventilator competency 

  • Blue card 

  • Flexible availability

Further Mandatory Requirements
  • CPR Certificate

  • National Police Clearance

  • Two clinical referees

  • Must have appropriate working rights in Australia (Unfortunately Visa Sponsorship cannot be supported)

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